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Google May 2022 Broad Core Update

Last month in May of 2022, Google made some highly impactful changes to their core algorithm that had many businesses in a flutter trying to deduce what caused dips and increases in traffic by as much as 70%. Many businesses using low quality links and failing to provide well-written content with proper On-Page SEO signals have seen the greatest drop in rankings. If your small business website was hit negatively by the latest Google Core Update then your SEO company has most likely been skating by with low-quality backlinks, lazy SEO work, and lackluster internal linking. Let's look at the breakdown of what has been working so that we can discuss the changes your business needs to make. Technical SEO I've lost count of the times I've seen people ask, does website speed matter? I've also watched plenty of "SEO's" waste months wittling away to get their perfect speed score on their website up until another [...]

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The Three Pillars of SEO

While Google looks at more than 800 ranking signals, there are three categories that Google uses to rank your website: relevancy, popularity, and integrity. These three primary signals each contain tens, if not hundreds of metrics within them that are analyzed and scraped by Google's bots to ensure that the highest quality of content. The Three Pillars connect to the three aspects of SEO: Relevancy as you'll see ties in strongly to content. Popularity is connected directly to linkbuilding. Integrity is where technical SEO comes into play. Let's look at the three pillars of SEO. Relevancy Google wants to display the best answers to their users questions and solutions to their problems as fast as possible which is why relevancy to the search query matters in content marketing. Google also looks at the intent of the user's search in order to provide more accurate SERPs or Search Engine Result Page that currently contains the [...]

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