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Content That Delivers Results

Reaching customers at their current purchase-readiness level is key to maximizing your sales and our content marketing strategists have developed systems that work for small businesses within any niche. By creating and dispersing content relevant to your customer, client, or patient that answers their immediate concerns can motivate them to trust you for their business immediately after they finish reading.

At Nickel SEO, our content writers are known for creating engaging content that answers real questions by real people and displays the knowledge and competency of your company to provide excellent service in order to persuade potential customers to take action. Our content isn’t simply nonsense or wasted words on pages designed only to rank on Google. Our content ranks and generates results.

Content Marketing Strategy

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Effective Content Strategy

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy used to reach and engage specific audiences through keyword search via website content, blog, video, and social media posts that primarily promote services and products. By providing content marketing to our clients, we’re able to target customers locally and nationally that need our clients’ services through organic search. Rather than spending money on advertising, content marketing can drive traffic and sales for extended periods of time and provide exponential value and ROI.

Google’s main goal is to provide useful and relevant results to the user. Since Googles algorithm analyzes millions of search results and returns the websites it believes answers the search query best. That’s why every page on your website needs to have engaging high quality content.

What Is Content Writing?

Engage With Your Customers Before Your Competitors

Companies today are constantly looking for an edge on their competition to maintain and increase their marketing share for the brand and sales. The more opportunities to place your website in front of your potential customers increases the chance to create a new relationship with a client or customer that can lead to sales.

Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing text using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. for the purpose of reaching a specific type of person, typically for digital marketing purposes. Every business can benefit from quality SEO content writing that showcases your services and enhances your brand, while producing valuable information that your target consumer is consistently searching for on the internet.

Where content writing becomes optimized for both user experience and search engines is when the content quickly answers the request of the user, and then provides an appropriate action that they can immediately take that brings them through your sales funnel.

We use our own proprietary gap analysis tool to calculate the most valuable keywords, rank them against each other, and then extract the related keywords that the top ranking sites are using to give a clear strategy that can be executed decisively.

SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Content Marketing

SEO content writing is the initial content creation that involves reviewing customer data, analyzing competitor content, and creating higher quality content that is true to your brand message.

Once we develop your content strategy, we will set a schedule for written content to publish on your website that maintains lightning fast load times and optimal user experience.

SEO content marketing the process of dispersing content across a wide array of online platforms to turn that written content into a profit-driven medium that ends in customers making actual sales.

A well thought out content marketing strategy makes all the difference in how much traction each piece of content is able to attain. Better strategy equals better sales.

What Effective Content Looks Like

There are 2 types of written or text content you should be actively engaged in creating: website content and external content. Website content shows directs potential customers through your sales funnel while helping you display knowledge and competency that supports E-A-T (Experience, Authority, & Trust). External content however, is there to spread your message, services, and information to the right audience when most useful.

Our content writing strategy diverges into these two directions that both complement each other. Take a look at the SEO content writing services we provide:

  • Website content
    • Landing pages
    • Location-Specific Pages (for Local SEO)
    • Blog posts
    • FAQs
    • Reviews/testimonials
    • Services you provide
    • Service information that your typical customer may ask
    • Product Descriptions
    • Case studies
  • External Content
    • Social Media posts
    • Press Releases
    • Guest posting
    • Ad Copy
    • Email Marketing

Google also looks to see what content is most up-to-date. We recommend that fresh content be posted and shared weekly to improve rankings and traffic most effectively.

How We Develop Content Strategies

Content marketing has a direct step-by-step approach. While we keep some techniques to ourselves, some key methods begin with:

  • Building a foundational understanding of your business through discussion with you and online research.
  • Doing keyword research through keyword tools, competitor website scans, Google autofill on search, and their related searches.
  • Writing and optimizing content using an advanced version of the skyscraper technique to increase the acceleration of rankings towards your targeted keyword queries.
  • Analyzing the response and user actions on your content in order to improve its effectiveness over time.

What You Need To Know

Many companies offer content marketing as a tool to increase your traffic. Our content goes above and beyond by effectively providing the answer to your customers challenges and questions along with giving them an action to take with the information they learn. When we create content, you know that it isn’t just mindless drivel written to fill a page for rankings only. Our content converts.

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