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If you’re here, you’re looking for the best SEO company in Dallas Fort Worth to put your small business at the top of Google search results and drive leads and sales for your business. You need to increase your sales quickly, see results now, and see a real return on your investment without delay. We provide advanced SEO services that most other SEO Agencies can’t imitate. There are thousands of SEO companies popping up every year talking the talk, but providing very little in real results.

At Nickel SEO, we get calls every day of small businesses needing to increase their sales now because of one of several primary reasons. Here’s what we hear every day on the phone:

  • You’re business is quiet and you’re not getting any calls.
  • Your website traffic dropped off over the past couple years and what used to work is no longer working.
  • Your current / previous SEO agency made a lot of promises and it seems like they haven’t been doing anything for the past several months.
  • You hired someone to build a new website and for SEO, but the site took forever to be built and then you still aren’t getting calls.
  • Your website is outdated and you’re looking to revamp it, get a redesign and really make it work for your business.

If any of these five pain points sound familiar, you’ve come to the right SEO agency. There’s a reason why Nickel SEO is able to deliver clear results to our customers month after month without losing them for years on end. We have clients that have been with us for 6+ years and our agency is only 7 years old. We can help you increase your sales through ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) with a powerful and effective SEO campaign.

Search Engine Optimization That Works

This is just one case study of a dental client of ours that has seen massive growth for his practice over the past couple years. Even a small dental practice with only one dentist is able to receive the equivilant cost of nearly $17,000 in monthly ad spend without paying a dime to Google each month.

Our SEO Specialists at Nickel SEO are extremely capable and can properly target and develop content SILO’s that can increase client sales dramatically within short periods of time. This client saw exponential growth of more than 10x in the span of a year.

While not every client sees the same level results, it is more common among customers that come prepared to succeed.

SEO Requires Skill, Precision, and Time

We all want results, but results require effective effort. Our team is the best in Texas at working with small businesses in service industries. Whether you’re a law firm looking to compete with other high end law firms, a small town doctor who wants to start his practice with the right marketing team, or a contractor trying to keep up with the times, our SEO specialists are able to provide the needed results.

But, what will it cost?

Well, SEO does take time and investment. SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy that demands consistency and a high level of focus and skill. We can’t simply put up random content onto a page and expect it to rank. There is a deep core strategy in SEO that takes an expansive view of many factors, some of which include:

  • Competitor keyword targeting
  • Competitor growth patterns and strategies.
  • An understanding of the agencies backing your competition, their strategies, and how they will combat your entrance to the arena.
  • An understanding of your quality candidate for customer / client, their needs, and how they search and act on solutions you provide.
  • A comprehensive look at your business growth capabilities, which types of clients you can handle, and in what volume.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of ranking pages on a website at the top of Google SERPs.

Companies today are constantly looking to find the best return on their investment from their marketing team. With competition growing at an exponential rate, finding an SEO company that can provide real results on a realistic budget can be difficult. For more than 7 years, we have been providing SEO solutions to businesses wanting to expand their online presence, receive more leads, and increase their revenue.

Search engine optimization is the most cost-efficient way for many businesses to increase those key metrics or leads, calls, traffic, and of course revenue for the long-term. Many businesses call our team and say, “We need to increase sales now.” For those, there are other options that may seem better in the moment.

However, for businesses that plan for the future, there’s a clear comprehension of the value of what is built up properly over time being able to provide a more trusted and valuable revenue stream. Through our advanced SEO practices at Nickel SEO, we’re able to increase our clients returns year-over-year without the need to increase advertising spend endlessly.

what is search engine optimization

So, ask yourself. Are you on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords that will drive your revenue to the next zero? If not, you’re missing out on valuable leads. Search engine optimization is the tool to drive you towards more leads, more sales, and greater revenue. Gone are the days where you can simply have a small website without a marketing team behind your business. SEO is a crucial part of any business plan to position your products and services in front of a greater audience.

Our SEO Services

Rank #1 on Search and Get Discovered More Online

Competitor Analysis

At Nickel SEO, we run a complete analysis on all of the top 5+ ranking websites for your industry. It’s key to know your competition, see how they rose, and then look at their current growth patterns. Knowing why your competition is succeeding at each level will help us build a guide as to what both Google and your prime customers are looking for from their service provider.

Keyword Research

Targeting the optimal keywords in your SEO campaign is a must. We do in-depth keyword research using tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, KWFinder as well as Google search functions to evaluate the most valuable keywords that businesses are trying to target in your industry. If you have keywords that you already know you want to target, we can discuss those as well.

SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy needs to be completely developed with website content, keyword targeting, and link building plan. When we develop our clients’ SEO strategy, we begin with scraping the top ranking websites in your niche and then follow it by reverse engineering the pages and links to those pages in order to understand what is creating the ranking power and plan to compete effectively.

Technical SEO

Rankings can improve with optimizations to your website’s back-end, such as loading times, compression, waterfall, schema markup, and core web vitals. Ensuring fast load times and that search engines properly crawl your site will set you up for success. If the search engines like your site, then your rankings will improve.

On-Page SEO

Improve your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website. At Nickel SEO, our SEO services include the complete package when it comes to creating quality, converting content that adds value to your site. We optimize it from the titles, tags, keyword usage, and internal linking structure. We also use high-resolution images without sacrificing speed.

Off-Page SEO

Our off-page optimization strategy includes building links by leveraging social media marketing, citation development, link building, and even influencer marketing to generate quality links with follow-through traffic and positive messaging towards your business. We’ll build a supporting structure for your on-page SEO that increases your online exposure.

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